Magazine and Catalog Printing with Dolphin
Our printing program offers publishers the best values in cost, flexibility, and product mix to maximize our publisher customer’s profits while assuring that your magazines are produced with the highest quality and delivered on schedule. 

Turnaround – Guaranteed turnaround (print date to delivery to your office, local postal facility, or other location) in 10 days or less anywhere in the country!
FLEXABILITY – Scheduled print dates are available every week – 52 times a year!  You can develop schedules to match your markets – whether you’re printing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or other special event requirements.
Page Counts – From 8-pages up in 2-page increments.  You can grow your magazines as your market expands -There’s no limit!  The more pages printed, the less your cost per page!
Magazine Size – Standard program is 8.375x 10.875”   – at the same cost!
Paper Selection – Our standard magazines are printed on high quality 70# gloss paper so they stand out in most markets for their quality and appearance.   However, we offer a wide variety of options to fit your needs.
Cost savings – We believe our costs for printing and related services are extremely competitive and possibly much less than you can get elsewhere.  In addition we offers a full range of products that enhances your magazine business, which allows larger potential profits.
Freight/Logistics – We ship consistently to all corners of the USA and our rate structure is based on a negotiated “zone rate matrix” that makes our freight costs extremely attractive.
Printing – We utilize state-of-the-art plants, using a combination of high-speed heat web, sheet fed and digital presses to produce any size and quantity magazine ordered with total quality.

Proofing – we offer both printed and online proofing options
Mail Lists –Our mail lists are the most updated and complete available – and our prices are surprisingly low.

Maps – We provide our customers with carrier route mailing maps most updated and complete available.
Mailing Services/Fulfillment – For our direct mail customers,  we track all shipments from dock to post office and provide you with a copy of the USPS certified mailing receipt for your records and your customers verifying you’ve mailed in the quantities and time frame you promised.
Graphics – We maintain a nationwide network of designers that produce excellent quality work at competitive costs and who are familiar with our specifications.
► Web Design – If our publishers don’t have a web-site, we’ll design it for them…at a cost far, far, below the average, but without sacrificing quality or function.
Net-Working – New ideas and marketing plans are regularly shared among our publishers.  We encourage publishers – particularly those in geographical proximity to work together when possible for cross-selling opportunities.
Brokering – Many of our publishers add to their revenues by offering printing services through us to non-competitive publications in their areas.
Support – We’re here to help – we consistently get the highest marks from our customers for our caring, hands on support

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